About Enpai

About Enpai Promotions

We are a passionate team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the promotional gifts industry. ENPAI is dedicated to being a leading explorer in the field of promotional products by providing our customers with convenient purchasing experiences and creating innovative, suitable, and effective promotional product solutions.
We have grown to become one of the major exporters in China, establishing long-term business relationships with renowned companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, Danone, McDonald's, and more. We have exported to over 40 countries, and have been presenting over 60 solutions annually. Our product range is incredibly diverse, encompassing virtually all aspects of promotional gifts, giveaways, and pet products.
The keen product acumen of our marketing team, seamless collaboration with over 600 suppliers, and the creativity of our design team have laid a solid foundation for our sustained growth. We are always service driven, quality focused and based on responsibility to carry out your project.


Leading Explorer in Domestic Promotional Gifts Industry
We believe that there is no useless product, only exist the person who do not understand the clients' needs. We are committed to becoming a leading explorer that possesses a deep understanding of clients requirements and preferences in the domestic promotional industry to provide clients with a convenient purchasing platform.
More than 15 Years experience
in promotional gift industry
Exported to more than 40 countries
Presented over 60 solutions annually
Reserved over 600 high-quality manufacturers as our suppliers