Connection between marathon events and our promotional gift industry

When it comes to world-famous marathons, we can't forget the World Marathon Majors, often referred to as the WMM, a series of six major marathons. On January 23, 2006, the Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and New York Marathon jointly established the World Marathon Majors, offering a million-dollar prize to reward the world's top male and female marathon runners. While organizing this series, the event organizers realized it was a great opportunity to take this sport to a higher level, to attract more participants, and raise the overall standard of these races. In 2013, the relatively young Tokyo Marathon became the sixth member of the World Marathon Majors. It's quite an achievement for a race that started in 2007.

Each event in this series is among the world's top marathons, attracting the best male and female athletes from around the globe. It also provides an opportunity for all those who love this sport to compete on the same course as the elite athletes, creating a vast sports market. These events boast a rich brand history, offering significant commercial value. It's evident that various related products can be used in these races, presenting a substantial market opportunity for our promotional industry.

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