Enpai Promotions

Who We

We are a team of passionate specialists, with more than 15 years experience in promotional gifts industry, whose goal is creating scheme of custom promotional product development to satisfy different groups.

We are always service driven, quality focused and based on responsibility to carry out your project.


years of experience


creating scheme of product development to satisfy different groups


General manager

With 15 years of experience working in promotional products industry, he is a leader to control the direction of the company's development and actively promoting the idea that product is the best media makes your brand spoken.


Sourcing & Production manager

Sally has more than 10 years experience in the manufacturing industry in China. To lay a solid foundation for providing high quality promotional products with our clients, she will strictly control the quality of our supply chain across multiple projects.



Wendy will be response for the goods quality control before delivery and will guarantee to provide you with satisfactory after-sales service, she also assists with all the back office admin. You can completely trust her to finish the work with meticulous care.


Marketing director

With deep awareness of the market requests, she believes that there is no useless product, only exist the person who do not understand the clients' requests. she will constantly help find the new product solutions for different type of clients and help them to make their brand grow.


Creative director

Vico helps manage the creative process of designing great promotional gift ideas and cooperate with Fiona to complete products upgrading, there will be full of creative ideas sparked from her brain. You can expect that she will get you more inspiration during work.


Operations manager

Jasper leads the sales team and he is the bridge between our clients and us. To understand each other and build a relationship of trust with you is essential for promoting your brand.

The sum of the parts grow to make something <span class="text-blue fw-4">great</span>

The sum of the parts grow to make something great

What We Do

We provide a broad range of services & solutions in sourcing, design, producing and packaging to promote your brand. Then our expertise is we deeply know which creative promotional products can help your brand stand out from the crowd. we have been emphasizing the idea that product is the best media makes your brand value spoken. So there is one thing we have to realize —— the best promotional products are things that people want to use in daily and spark joy while reminding your clients of your brand.

However, choosing the appropriate promotional products to represent your brand may be a little overwhelming, do not worry, Enpai's passionate team of specialists is at your disposal!

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To be the best is not easy But we are going to make it <span class="text-red">better</span>!

To be the best is not easy But we are going to make it better!

Why Enpai

4 reasons to be attracted to our charms

our excellent

market acumen

We have more than 15 years experience in promotional products industry, there is no doubt that we know exactly which are the best promotional products to promote your brands. And also we can find the best product solution that fit your brand's value promptly.

our excellent

our high quality & diverse


After years of accumulation, we have reserved many high-quality manufacturers as our promotional product suppliers all over the country. They will provide us with new products in a regular period and also cooperate with us to finish the production well every time. The most important thing is that we agreed with them on the urgency of raising awareness of service continually, after all, products represent our corporate image.

our high quality & diverse

our constant


We are passionate about what we are doing and we are dedicated to provide distinguished cooperation experience. The constantly learning and innovating is what we exactly enjoy.

our constant

our unwavering sense of


We will always cooperate with you on the basis of responsibility which not only for your brand out also for humanity & eco-friendly. So we will try our best to provide you with good ideas. Nice products and intimate service, at the same time, we will always keep the corporate social responsibility in our mind.

our unwavering sense of
We have blended the passion of attention to <span class="text-yellow">details</span> into our soul

We have blended the passion of attention to details into our soul

How Enpai Works



Project Details

A detailed communication is important before carrying on other parts of work. We will communicate with you about how do you want to promote your brand value.

Design + Confirmation

Design + Confirmation

Our designer will develop the artwork together with you and confirm the final design presentation of creative promotional products..



After the design of promotional gift confirmed, we will arrange the production. Firstly we can make a sample for your confirmation, then if it is satisfied we will start producing the mass goods.



In order to provide you the best quality goods, we have a strictly process of quality control to satisfy your promoting requests.



We will discuss the best way of goods transportation with you and deliver the goods to your side safely.

You got a great idea?

You got a great idea?

Come on and share it with us !